Schoeneweide Kreativ

Lighthaus#8: FUNKCHAOS

exhibition & concert

Chaos: free-for-all, nongovernment, confusion, disorganization, misrule, anarchy, mix-up, disarray, discord, disorder, tumult, unruliness, riot, unrest, magic, madhouse, noise, cosmo, haze, pandemonium, holy mess.

Funkchaos is an uncurated evening open to all artists of all forms.

Feel welcome to participate.

preparation show from 14:00 Uhr open music jam session from 18:00 Uhr Lightraum, 3 stock,  A368 block A tram 21 Blockdammweg door closed after 22:00 Uhr

Artists can bring their work from 2 p.m. Please bring a paper with name/ title/ size/ price. There’s enough space for everyone, first coming first hanging. For questions contact: Gabriele Aicardi,


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