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Introduction into today’s art market – Dr. Harriet Häußler

lecture / conference

Conference in English

“An overview of the current national and international art market – mechanisms, protagonists and possibilities of self-identity”

The conference is intended as a brief introduction into today’s art market. The key protagonists (such as the artist, the gallery owner and art dealer, the auctioneer, the collector, the curator and the art critic) and their most important activities are presented and explained. Even though there have been several attempts of single players to promote an artist on their own, history has given evidence that it is the interaction of several institutions and individuals that can establish an artist’s career on a long term perspective.

The conference aims as well at giving an overview of the most recent developments in national and international sales activities, in particular the officially published results of auction houses. Shifts in sales activities especially in the modern and contemporary art market are explained.

The third part of the conference is a summary of art market statistics so that the audience gets a better understanding of the financial side of the market. The statistics relate to: the most expensive art works sold at auction, the most important countries, the biggest turnovers of special segments of the art market among others.

The final part of the conference presents an ideal artist’s career.


The conference is public and primarily addressed to artists living / working in Schöneweide. Participation is free, please enrol by mailing to!


Dr. Harriet Häußler is an art historian with a focus on art market and art of the 20th and 21st century. More information:

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